Scott Cabes Designs LLC

Scott Cabes is a freelance architect, providing his friends and family with his expert architectural plans and drawings for their dream homes. When he decided to elevate his passion for architectural design from a hobby to a potential revenue stream, he hired Marse Designs to help him to develop his brand and his website.

The Scott Cabes Designs LLC website was built with a dual purpose: to showcase past work and to enable potential customers to contact Scott Cabes for their architectural design needs. The photo gallery system and information pages installed by Marse Designs accomplish these tasks in such a way that is visually striking and ultimately informative.

Scott Cabes wanted his logo and branding to reflect his New Orleans heritage. Marse designs developed an understated yet visually direct logo and brand for his business, using the classic south Louisiana fleur de lis as its cornerstone. A "signature-esque" font was used for the company name, essentially signing Mr Cabes' name to the website and all other collateral featuring this branding.
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